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Hubble Studio, founded in 2014 by Vince Ricci, is a premier creative studio for photo, film and events located in the Los Angeles Arts District. What started as a single stage, has now transformed into a multi-million-dollar studio with three main stages, lofts, VIP rooms and two state-of- art soundstages. In addition to the studio space, Hubble Studio houses the Hubble™ Showroom and the Trina’s Kids Foundation home office.

Our growth within the studio space, clothing brand and non-profit will be drastic in 2018. Hubble Studio is looking to hire a highly knowledgeable and capable Executive Assistant (EA). The elite status and highly reputable nature of our company requires applicants who can operate swiftly within our space and understand hospitality towards our clients, while having urgency completing any and all assignments.

Vince Ricci, the founder + CEO, is an entrepreneur who acts immediately and pivots without warning. The EA will be answering directly to him. The EA will need to be able to conform to any work environment, which includes working through any fast-pace, stressful or urgent situation. Ricci looks forward to working with an Executive Assistant who will never take "no" for an answer. Please read additional responsibilities below:


- Maintain a punch list of the entire studio space: EA will be responsible for this list on a day-to-day basis.

- Maintain the integrity of the studio by ensuring the cleanliness and order of the facility at all times in compliance with the CEOs standards. EA must have leadership qualities to professionally delegate work to the team accordingly.

- Execute any task necessary to ensure the success of production on set to the standards of our A-list clientele. This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining hotel-style hospitality, ability to multitask efficiently and respond to requests in a high-pace speed.

- Duty to maintain the quality of cleanliness and organization at the studio.

- Track all expendables for Hubble™ & Hubble Studio™ in a well-organized, professional, efficient way

- Execute tasks immediately

- Respond promptly to the CEO at all times


- Demonstrates the ability to problem solve and source multiple solutions in a time-sensitive manor

- Exceptional hospitality skills

- Excellent oral and written communication skills

- Highly organized, detailed-oriented and professional

- Knowledge of Hubble Studio, Hubble and Trina’s Kids Foundation

- Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel

- Proficient in Adobe Photoshop

- Must be based in Los Angeles

The industry moves extremely fast and Hubble Studio holds a high standard of excellence. This means that any problem cannot and must not exceed the end of the day. This position is based in Los Angeles. Immediate availably is preferred. If you think you possess these skills and attributes and look forward to working with a fast-growing and dynamic team, please write your cover letter + attach your resume below.

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