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Photo Jul 08 2022, 9 39 49 PM.jpg
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What better way to celebrate an album release than to rent out a huge studio space, drop a pin to your entire instagram following, then party with police helicopters circling around? If anyone was gonna do it best, it was definitely Brent Faiyaz. On the night of July 8, 2022, Hubble Studio hosted the ‘Wasteland’ album release party. With entertainment by Brent himself and an amazing violinist, the evening was filled with melodies as beautiful as the shining lights of the stage (and the police helicopters). Fans crowded the streets of the studio, with a line just short of a mile long. As their eager faces slowly made their way into the studio to celebrate, the energy became contagious. As the evening progressed, Faiyaz joined the crowd engulfing himself in the experience through the fans' eyes… signing records and taking professional photos with those who have been following his journey from the start.  The album release was a complete and utter success, debuting at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top R&B Albums Chart! It was our pleasure to share the release with so many beautiful people, and many unhappy cops! (Did we mention there were police helicopters?). 

Photo Jul 08 2022, 9 58 55 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 11 2022, 11 08 43 AM.jpg
Photo Jul 08 2022, 9 39 13 PM.jpg
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